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  • Following are the pre-requisites for the Premier Round:
    1. Complete Idea Form (Phase 1 and Phase 2)
    2. Prototype Photo / Flowchart / Diagram of the system
    3. ASSURED Framework PPT
    4. Lean Canvas
    5. Value Proposition Canvas
    6. Team Details

  • Here is a list of questions that would be asked during the premier round:
    1. Have you identified the right problem to solve?
    2. Please explain the solution to the problem.
    3. Who is your customer?
    4. Explain the method of how you have done your customer survey
    5. What is the voice of your customer (the results of your survey)
    6. Describe who is the consumer of your Product/ service.
    7. What are the influencing parameters to make the business a success?
    8. Explain your team composition (expertise of each team member)
    9. Does your team have the required skills to work on a solution?
    10. Who is your guide? (can be a professor or Industry personnel)
    11. What is the Innovation in your solution? and how different it is (Business Part Technology Part)

  • You can submit an idea only under the 'Mobility and Energy' Theme

    Steps to follow:

    1. On your Dashboard, click on 'Submit Idea'

    2. Select Category, Sub Category

    3. Enter the title of your project and a brief description of your idea

    4. After that we ask you a few multiple choice questions. Select the appropriate options

    5. Read the guidance tips for each question to proceed further

    6. Also enter the problem statement and your unique solution

    7. Submit the photo of your prototype (current stage)


    NOTE: Only Team Leader can submit a project and add team members to it.

    Steps to follow:

    1. Ask all your team members to register individually.

    2. All team members have to verify their email id and mobile no through OTP.

    3. Once registration of all team members is successful, you can invite them.

    4. On your dashboard, Click on the title of the idea. It will display your idea and an option to invite team members.

    5. Enter the correct registered mobile numbers of your team members(Max 4).

    6. Your team will be added/built successfully.

  • You have to submit a document of simulation of your idea along with an explanation of what you are trying to prove  Read Document

  • Individual/Team Leader can submit an idea.

  • The team leader can submit the idea and add his team members to the idea after all of them register individually.

  • Only the team leader can edit the idea. All other team members can only view the idea and its status.

  • KPIT Sparkle 2023 is an innovation platform for all students of undergraduate, post-graduate and Ph.D courses from Science, Engineering, Design and Management faculties of colleges and universities across PAN India.

  • Individual / Team has to enter the project details after the registration. In case of a Team the entrant must invite the other members of his/her Team. The team should consist of 5 members including Team leader. Each Team must appoint a Team leader, (i) who will represent the team, (ii) will be the contact person and (iii) must act as coordinator between the other team members. After registration member will receive an OTP on registered mobile no. and email address for verification.

    Who: This innovation platform for all students of undergraduate, post-graduate and Ph.D courses from Science, Engineering, Design and Management faculties of colleges and universities across PAN India.

    How: Visit this link for registration: 

  • We require that you verify your mobile no. and email address to create a KPIT Sparkle account. This will help us to verify that the email address doesn't belong to someone else. Please note that this is a two-step process. You need to first register and confirm your registration based on a valid e-mail-ID and a Mobile number. After verification of your e-mail-ID and Mobile number by entering the one time password (OTP) pin, you can login.

  • A fundamentally innovative idea is the core focus of our competition. The idea must be realized in both: Idea submission over an online form (Phase 1) and a prototype (Phase 2).

  • You can participate either as an individual (=1 member) or as a team (maximum team size: 5 members). There is no restriction on team configuration; team members can be from same or different department(s), branches and colleges.
    To configure a Team, entrant has to submit the project and invite the team members to register.

  • In an idea submission you can submit your idea over an online Sparkle Website [https://sparkle-dev.kpit.com/sparkle2023"]
    The milestones of this journey will be decided by you depending on the maturity of your idea.
    We have categorized innovators into three categories according to maturity of ideas.

    1. Innovators teams having a working prototype
      The first phase: Teams with a working prototype can submit a 3 minute video of the prototype along with the idea form. The advantage of this category is to receive an initial feedback on improvements you can do make the quality of the prototype better.
      The second phase: Selection of the innovative idea, in this phase the teams will be provided the feedback if their ideas are innovative, they will also be allowed for a revision in the prototype if selected as innovative
      The third phase: is for the final selection to Finale.
    2. Innovators Teams having an Idea but no prototype as of now
      The first phase: Teams having an idea can submit the idea by using the idea submission form. We are looking out for answers for important questions on when a prototype would be ready.
      The second phase: Selection of the innovative idea, in this phase the teams will be provided the feedback if their ideas are innovative, they will be provided go ahead for prototyping.
      The third phase: the team has to submit a video for the working prototype and will be selected for the finale by a set of evaluators.
    3. Innovators Teams not having any idea as of now
      These teams can register their details with KPIT Sparkle as of now but are advised to hurry up as all successful idea selections for finale have to cross the above mentioned hurdles.

  • Your idea will be judged on the following criteria, in order of importance:

    Social Impact
    Technical knowledge
    Completeness of prototype

  • The organizer, assisted by KPIT's R&D experts, along with independent external experts, will evaluate, filter, and select the best ideas according to above mentioned criteria, which will be nominated for prototyping phase and further selected for finale.

  • KPIT will send an e-mail to your registered email ID and an SMS to your registered mobile no. which mentions your idea being selected to next phase. (Note: This mail can end up in your spam box, be sure to check it, if needed). You will also be able to see the status when you login to the “My Ideas” page.

  • Once your idea/solution gets shortlisted, you can start working towards creating a prototype of your idea for further evaluation. The KPIT Sparkle team will send you an email/SMS confirmation for prototyping/ revision of existing prototypes.

  • In prototyping phase, participants needs to prepare a high quality prototype to show how their idea could be executed in reality and submit short description and video (~ 3 minutes) to show the working of their prototype. They can revise the videos till the last date mentioned in terms and conditions.

  • The prototype is a working implementation of the idea submitted involves hardware and/ or software.

  • The actual idea should be realized in the prototype which can be implemented on any of the following:

    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Car
    • Bike
    • Bicycle

    NOTE: Small scale models or toy mechanisms will not be accepted as prototype!

  • KPIT will send you an e-mail to your registered email ID and an SMS to your registered mobile no. with further information regarding the final presentation. The format of the presentation will also be sent across.

  • During the grand finale independent jury consisting of reputable experts will assess the best ideas and give ratings based on defined parameters according to the award criteria. All potential awardees will be invited to this ceremony held in Pune as a 2 day event. During the finale you will have the unique opportunity to make yourself known to KPIT and the members of our jury. The best innovations will also be rewarded after the finale with cash prizes or attractive benefits.

  • The idea submission form will be available on the “My Ideas” page [Post login].
    In the case of a Team, the entrant must submit a project in order to invite team members to form a Team.

  • All projects must be submitted on Time

  • If you have an innovative idea that aligns the theme, you can submit it directly. If not, we can offer you the opportunity to collaborate with already submitted projects in which you will be required to create a prototype design or a case study for the idea.

  • Yes, participants are free to submit as many ideas as they wish.

Examples of ASSURED Framework Presentation

Examples of Final Prototype Videos