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What's new in KPIT Sparkle this year?


Opportunity does not come gift wrapped. You must take risks. But what if we told you that we've got an opportunity on the offering and there are no risks attached? At best, the most risk you'll have to take is to get out of your comfort zone and the spectrum of excuses that are keeping you from taking your innovative idea to success. Before you dismiss this as a 'too good to be true' kind of claim, read on. This opportunity that we are talking about is KPIT Sparkle. Since its inception in 2015, KPIT Sparkle, a one of a kind an innovation contest, has provided science and engineering students from across India, a platform to present innovative ideas related to the field of energy and transportation to solve real-world problems. The competition is open to all students from an undergraduate level to Ph.D. While KPIT sparkle is a competition, it is quite unlike regular contests. There is an award, and a handsome one, but this competition moves beyond awards. So let's begin with the scale of the program. In 2015, the first edition, 100 colleges participated in the contest which rose to 1121 in the 5th edition. 22150 students participated in this program in 2019 submitting 2065 ideas. While the competition is getting tougher owing to its rising popularity, here's a look at what all you could win.

Solve real-world problems Let's talk about opportunity first. This year along with the 'i Innovate' contest, we are hosting another contest called 'i can crack IT'. The 'i Innovate' contest looks for valid and innovative ideas in the area of 'mobility and energy'. This year's theme for the same is 'Mobility & Energy for the Future'. The students can choose their topic of innovation from a range of 12 categories such as Electric vehicles, solutions for improving road safety, sensors and actuators for Automotive, renewable energy solutions, etc. You can submit more than one idea and can participate as an individual or with a team. There is no restriction in terms of team configuration your team members can be from the same or different college, department or branches. The second contest called 'i can crack IT' is the new challenge for this year. Here we, KPIT, provide you with a problem statement spanning across topics such as automotive diagnostics, artificial intelligence and analytics, autonomous driving, infotainment, cybersecurity etc. and expect you to come up with a solution for the same. We will enable you to crack this challenge by providing the required environment, useful links, and access to data available for research! Of course, that's only part of the fun. The world and India suffers from thousands of problems in the energy and mobility space. These are crying to be solved. And, who better than the energetic young generation to crack those problems. Who better than you to innovate and work on a solution that may save the world tomorrow! Exciting or outrageous, if your idea is innovative, you get a chance to win. One of the winners of the 2019 challenge was a team of engineering students from Belagavi. Their invention a special Power Chair that charges your phone while you relax on it! Other young minds at KPIT Sparkle have created things like a vertical axis water turbine (VAWT), which is 24% more efficient than a conventional system. Some have designed a scalable plant-based microbial fuel cell technology while others have designed a novel transmission system (single stage gearbox) to increase the load carrying capacity and gradeability of existing e-vehicles. Clearly, the thousands of problems we spoke of earlier present millions of opportunities too! All that glitters the prize money It is not just plaques and certificates at KPIT Sparkle. You can also get excited about awards worth Rs. 21 Lakhs for students and Rs. 60,000 for their mentors for 'i Innovate'. 'i can crack IT' presents 20 awards of Rs. 50,000 each. Have we got your complete attention now? And this money is only a part of the whole prize. Resume building Most companies look at the kind of experience you have gathered in your student life during their hiring process. Participating in a contest like KPIT Sparkle adds to your resume value immensely. This platform gives you an opportunity to showcase your skills, innovative mindset, problem-solving capabilities, teamwork and dedication to project completion. And the biggest brand names in the world look for that on your resume when they come to campus. KPIT Sparkle is a coveted contest that sees students participating even from premier institutions such as the IIT's, NIT's as well as other colleges across India. In this contest, you'll be working on real-world problems providing real-world, working solutions. And such opportunities make any resume shine. Interact with top industry minds Our jury consists of stalwarts from the industry. Imagine the opportunity and the kind of learning you get when you interact with great minds like Padma Vibhushan Dr. R. A. Mashelkar who heads our jury panel. Contestants in past events have had the golden opportunity to collect feedback from great minds like Dr. Peter F Tropschuh, Vice President, Strategy Sustainability, AUDI AG, Dr. Carl Perrin, Director, Coventry University, Dr. Milind Rane, Professor, IIT Mumbai, Dr. Pravin Kumar, Professor, IIT Guwahati and Dr. Siddhartha Mukhopadhyay, Professor IIT Kharagpur. They have found that a well-placed word or a subtle nudge has helped them transform their thinking and inspired them to newer heights. Unparalleled opportunities to bring your idea to life We have partnered with DST and AICTE. DST is the knowledge partner for KPIT Sparkle and takes the winning and promising KPIT Sparkle ideas to the next level for the actual application using DST incubation centers through various DST schemes. The AICTE partnership enables active and deeper participation of key institutions and support from their faculty for motivating and guiding students for quality ideas. Along with this, there are internships from KPIT on offer for the promising 3rd year UG / 1st year PG Engineering students. Added to that are joint IP creation and filing opportunities with KPIT. Your innovation at KPIT Sparkle may be the stepping stone to a new product, a new business, or a new world. Recruitment opportunities When we meet so many impressive young minds at KPIT Sparkle, how can we not be tempted to make a deeper commitment to them? Quite obviously, this is a recruitment opportunity to take seriously. Over the last couple of years, several valid idea submissions for KPIT Sparkle have resonated with us so much that we have offered to employ their creators. Some of these people have then driven those ideas to a logical conclusion as KPIT employees! So, what do you think? Wouldn't you want to be a part of a competition that opens up a world of opportunities for you?