What's New at KPIT Sparkle?

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What's new in Prefinale?


Ready, steady, go……...

Pre-Finale 2023

We are all excited to welcome the top 100 teams to the Pre-Finale on the 1st and 2nd of December. There will be a host of exciting events planned for the day. Our participants will get to meet our leaders and learn from their experiences. Apart from this, they will get to participate in a lot of fun activities like a treasure hunt, ask me anything, etc.

We have also lined up many engaging specialists to talk about our practices like batteries, propulsion systems, connected vehicles, Hydrogen generation technologies, etc. That’s not all, our participants will get to see and experience India’s first hydrogen fuel cell bus which will be on a special display exclusive to our participants.

So do follow our social media pages for more updates on the event.