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How to submit an idea?

What is TRL 1?

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Guidelines to submit an idea

Guidelines to add team members

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How to file a provisional patent in India?

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How to submit an idea?

Watch this video to understand the new process of idea submission for KPIT Sparkle 2021

What is TRL 1?

Understand the requirements of Technical Readiness Level 1 in this video

Guidelines to submit your idea

You can submit an idea only under the 'Mobility and Energy' Theme

Steps to follow:

1. On your Dashboard, click on 'Submit Idea'

2. Select Category, Sub Category

3. Enter the title of your project and a brief description of your idea

4. After that we ask you a few multiple choice questions. Select the appropriate options

5. Read the guidance tips for each question to proceed further

6. Also enter the problem statement and your unique solution

7. Submit the photo of your prototype (current stage)

Guidelines to add team members


NOTE: Only Team Leader can submit a project and add team members to it.

Steps to follow:

1. Ask all your team members to register individually.

2. All team members have to verify their email id and mobile no through OTP.

3. Once registration of all team members is successful, you can invite them.

4. On your dashboard, Click on the title of the idea. It will display your idea and an option to invite team members.

5. Enter the correct registered mobile numbers of your team members(Max 4).

6. Your team will be added/built successfully.

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Theory of inventive problem solving. View this video!

Lean Canvas

1 Page is all you need to get you idea across!

Steps to follow:

1. Visit the above website.

2. Create your account.

3. Click on 'Create Canvas'.

4. Go through all guiding tips and videos.

5. Fill in the required information.

6. Your Canvas is ready for download.

7. You will require this for making your product market ready.

How to file a provisional Patent in India?

Steps to follow:

1. Read this document:

Provisional Patent Filing Procedure

2. Download the following forms and fill them in:

Form 1

Form 2

Form 3

Form 5

3. Always protect your intellectual property.