Terms & Condition


Sponsor and Organizer of KPIT SPARKLE

This contest is sponsored and organized by KPIT Technologies Ltd., having its registered office at Plot No. 35 & 36, Rajiv Gandhi InfoTech Park, Phase 1, MIDC, Hinjewadi, Pune 411 057, India (hereinafter referred to as ”Sponsor and/or Organizer").
All requests and communication related to the contest has to be addressed to the above address.

Jury / Evaluation Committee

Representatives and/or employees of Sponsor and/or Organizer, technical experts of Sponsor‘s and/or Organizer’s Research & Development department(s) and/or independent external experts will form a Jury/Evaluation Committee which will also be involved in conducting this contest. Sponsor and Organizer reserve the right - at their sole discretion and without prior notice - to appoint, dismiss and/or replace members of the Jury/Evaluation Committee at any time.

Eligibility to Participate

This contest is open for all students of undergraduate, post-graduate and Ph.D. courses from science and engineering, Design and Management faculties of colleges and universities in India.

Contest Periods

Phase I: Registration, idea submission For Participants is open from [22.04.2018], 00:00 h IST (Indian Standard Time). Participant teams can submit multiple ideas in the idea submission form and a video of the working prototype if they have it ready as a proof of concept. This phase ends on [30.09.2018], 24:00 h IST.

Phase II: High quality working prototype video submission- the participants between [22.04.2018], 00:00 h IST and [30.11.2018], 24:00 h IST,.

Phase III: Prototype videos submitted will be evaluated between [01.08.2018], 00:00 h IST and [31.12.2018], 24:00 h IST. The results of Participants /teams selected for Finale will be declared on 31.12.2018.

Finale will take place by mid of february 2019, in Pune. The date and venue details would be provided to all selected Participants.

Participants may login to the KPIT SPARKLE portal, to know the status of their project,

Sponsor and/or Organizer reserve the right, to modify above dates without prior notice. Neither Sponsor nor Organizer can be held liable for any consequences to such change in dates. .

Participating in the Contest / Time Schedule

Phase I: Registration, idea submission for students in the contest is open from [22.04.2018], 00:00 h IST (Indian Standard Time)

Entering the contest is free of charge. To enter the contest, Participants must register themselves by completing the electronic entry form available at https://sparkle.kpit.com by clicking on “Register now” and signup to get registered in KPIT Sparkle 2019 contest.

Participants has to enter the project details after the registration. In case of a team the team lead must invite the other members of his/her team. The team should consist of maximum 5 members including team leader. Each team must appoint a team leader, (i) who will represent the team, (ii) will be the contact person (for the Sponsor and the Organizer) and (iii) must act as coordinator between the other team members. During Phase 1. All team members has to login and fill all necessary details. After the Phase I Participants may not be allowed to change their project details.


All required information entered must true and correct (inter alia true first and true last name, e-mail address etc.) (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Personal Information”). Any entry form that is incomplete or that contains inaccuracies or discrepancies will not be considered and will result automatically in disqualification of the Participant.

After registration the Participant will receive an email with a link for verification of his/her email address. After verification of the email address the Participant must login at https://sparkle.kpit.com

Idea Submission

Participants - via an online form available at [ https://sparkle.kpit.com need to register and login first] – submit their ideas for solutions on the theme “Energy & Mobility For the Future”. The idea could be related to various areas such as:

  • Green Technology
  • Alternative Powertrain
  • Electric Vehicle / Hybrids
  • Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind, Tidal, Geothermal, Rain, Energy from waste)
  • Efficiency Improvement / Innovative Mechanisms in conventional powertrain
  • New Materials
  • Fuel Cell Technology
  • Safety
  • Passenger Safety
  • Anomaly Detection System
  • Secure Over The Air updates or SOTA
  • Rogue Device Detectors
  • Convenience
  • Travel Demand Analysis
  • Language Processing
  • Travel Mode Integration
  • and many more!

The idea should be innovative (not a copy of anything which is already available in the market), be capable of having a social impact, involve technical knowledge and be capable of being realized applied into any kind of software, hardware or website. Participant (s) may modify their ideas during Phase I. Once Phase I has been completed, no more changes will be accepted.

Submitted ideas/ Videos of existing initial prototype will be evaluated by the Evaluation committee on the following criteria, in order of importance:

  • Innovation
  • Social impact
  • Technical knowledge

The Evaluation committee will at its sole discretion select the best ideas/ prototypes which are innovative and according to above mentioned criteria, which will be Selected and Approved for high quality prototyping. Decision of Evaluation Committee will be final and binding and cannot be challenged. Sponsor and/or Organizer will send an email / SMS to Participant’s (or team leader’s in case of team) registered email address / phone no.

Phase II: Participant , whose ideas/ videos of initial prototypes have been selected, must (i) create a high quality working prototype (i.e. software, hardware) of his/her/their idea and (ii) submit a video [of up to three (3) minutes] that show the functionality of the prototype. The video must be submitted by uploading it to [ https://sparkle.kpit.com post login]. Participant teams can revise the video prototype during the time Phase II.

The Participants shall bear all the costs and expenses for creating the prototype, photo and/or video. These costs and expenses will not be reimbursed by Sponsor and/or Organizer in any way.

Participants may use the support of their universities, faculties and/or their laboratories to develop or build the prototypes, provided, the same is in consent with these entities.

Prototype videos submitted will be evaluated during Phase III. The results of teams selected for Finale will be declared on 31.12.2018

Evaluation committee will on the basis of the submitted videos evaluate the prototypes on the criteria of readiness and functionality. The Jury will at its sole discretion select the best thirty prototypes according to these criteria. The Participant (s) of the selected prototypes will be invited to presenting the prototype at Presentation Day. During Finale Sponsor and/or Organizer will send the invitation by email to Participant (or team lead) registered email address.

Selection of Winners

At Finale, the Jury will assess the presented prototypes and give – at its sole discretion – ratings based the following criteria:

  • Innovation
  • Social impact
  • Technical knowledge
  • Completeness of protoype


The Participant (s), whose prototype receives the best overall rating wins a platinum award of Rs. 10 Lakh.
The Participant (s), whose prototype receives the second best overall rating wins a gold award of Rs. 5 Lakh.
The Participant (s), whose prototype receives the third best overall rating wins a silver award 1 of Rs. 2.5 Lakh.
The Participant (s), whose prototype receives the third best overall rating wins a silver award 2 of Rs. 2.5 Lakh.
The Participant (s), whose prototype receives the most popular project rating by virtue of audience votes wins the most popular project award of Rs. 1 Lakh.

Announcement of Winners

The winners will be announced on Finale.

Allocation of Awards

The awards will be handed over to the winners – in case of a team to the team leader.
The awards monies will be transferred directly to the bank account of the Participants (to the Team lead in case of team) . For this it would be mandatory for the team members to have a Unified Payment Gateway (UPI) id associated with the bank account and the details of the same shared once the Organizers ask for this information.


The winners are solely responsible for the tax payment of the received awards according to applicable tax laws.

Responsibility of Participant (s)

The Participants are responsible and have to make sure that the ideas, prototypes, photos and/or videos submitted by them do not violate any applicable laws or any third party rights. They are also responsible and ensure that they have obtained the necessary consent /permits of third parties in order to participate and abide by these Terms. The Team leaders have to ensure that each Team member has consented in registering him/her as a Team member and in submitting his/her ideas and/or prototypes created or co-created by them as described in these Terms.

Data Protection

When entering the contest, the Participants consent that their Personal Information collected by Sponsor and/or Organizer shall be used by Sponsor and/or Organizer or their agents to conduct the contest, to contact the participant or for the purpose of fulfillment of these Terms.

When entering the contest, the Participants agree and consent that their personal information, Identity and Likeness is incorporated into Sponsor’s and/or Organizer’s databases and get automatically processed for the purposes mentioned above.

At any time a Participant may revoke his/her consent and exercise his/her right of objection, access, rectification and cancellation addressing written notices via e-mail to [KPITSparkle2019@kpit.com] or via usual mail to Sponsor’s and/or Organizer.

Patent rights

Participants will remain the sole owner of their submitted inventions in connection with the contest, including but not limited to software, designs, drawings, demoware, prototypes, techniques and methodology. All materials, deliverables, inventions, works of authorship or other creations arising out of this submissions will remain the property of the originating Participant.

Selected videos shall be published Sponsor’s and/or Organizer on YouTube under KPIT Sparkle Project Video. Participants provide all the rights to publish their video along with their identities on YouTube for KPIT Sparkle program. Participants are aware that Sponsor and/or Organizer will not be liable to pay any Participant any kind of consideration and Participants will not raise any claims or demands against Sponsor’s and/or Organizer for the same.

Sponsor’s and/or Organizer believes that the project video provided by Participants is their own idea/ invention and any third party will have no claim on the same. All intellectual property rights under this project video shall at all the time solely remain with Participants and Sponsor’s and/or Organizer will have no claim on the same. Participant agree that they will protect, hold harmless and indemnify Sponsor’s and/or Organizer from any third party claim relating to the ownership or infringement of the idea/invention claim or any other claim arising out of this project videos. Cancellation – Modification

Sponsor and/or Organizer reserve the right, - at their sole discretion and without prior notice at anytime to modify, postpone, cancel or terminate the contest in its entirety, in the event that the integrity, administration, impartiality or normal operation of the contest is compromised in any way especially because of a computer-virus, a software bug, hacker attacks or unauthorized human intervention or for any other purpose. In this event, Participants will be informed via https://sparkle.kpit.com. In case of a modification, postponement, cancellation or termination the Participants have no rights to claim anything (including awards) from Sponsor and/or the Organizer, .

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall Sponsor and/or Organizer be liable to the other for any loss of profits, loss of revenue, loss of data, loss of use, any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, punitive or consequential damages, incurred by Participants or any third party, whether in an action in contract or tort, strict liability or other legal or equitable theory regardless of whether such damages were foreseeable or if the Participants or any other person has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Applicable law – Jurisdiction Clause

These Terms and Conditions are subject to laws of India. Any disputes that cannot be settled amicably shall be settled exclusively by the competent courts of Pune, India.


Participants in the contest undertake not to disclose any information about the content of their ideas and/or prototypes to any third party before the announcement of the winners.. ‘Third parties,’ here, includes other participants in the contest, but not the Sponsor and /or Organizer, its employees, agents, or representatives and members of the jury.


All requests and communication related to the contest have to be addressed to the Sponsor and/or Organizer’s office. Candidates may send in questions at any time to the following address: KPITSparkle2019@kpit.com.

Severability Clause

Should one of the provisions of the Official Rules be or become invalid or infeasible the validity of the remaining provisions of the Official Rules shall not thereby be affected. In this case, the invalid or infeasible provision shall be substituted by a valid provision which comes closest to the economic effect of the invalid provision.

Entire Agreement: This Terms contain the entire agreement between Sponsor and /or Organizer and Participants with respect to the provision of contest and supersedes all previous agreements, promises, proposals, representations and understandings whether written or oral, between the parties respecting the subject matter hereof. Privacy policy

Publicity and Image Rights

Throughout the contest, Sponsor and/or Organizer will communicate on the identity of the Participant (s). Accordingly, Participant (s)undertake to provide their biographical details, namely [name, age, name of the university, faculty, photographs] (hereinafter referred to as “Identity”) and project title, project details, images and videos (hereinafter referred to as “Likeness”) requested by Sponsor and/or Organizer and agree to these being published on the Internet site: www.sparkle.kpit.com and on Sponsor's and/or Organizer's social network accounts (on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and XING etc) as part of the communication campaign for the contest, until the end of 2020. The winners expressly agree to the free usage and publication of their Identity and/or Likeness on the following media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and relevant Magazines for any advertising or promotional campaign related to this contest, on the medium mentioned also a record is maintained on Sparkle “Hall of Fame” page. No compensation will be paid to the Participants for the above mentioned grant of rights by the Participants. “All the intellectual property rights in the project will continue to vest with the Participant”

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