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During night travel a lot of accidents happen (Explain in figures/statistics). Most of the accident occur at areas which are not well lit by street lights. In these areas accidents occur due to the glare experienced by the driver on his/her car windshield when another car/ vehicle passes by in the other lane. (This is a hypothetical example, have your problem statement explained in an easy to understand manner)
Short description of identified problem | Why is it critical to solve? | Who would benefit if it is solved

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The Technical contradiction that we are solving here is that the windshield has a function of allowing the driver using the car see the scene outside yet it should stop the glare from coming and hitting the eyes. To solve the additional function to stop glare hitting the eye of the driver we have come up with an algorithm which creates a dark spot on the windshield. The diameter and the intensity of darkness of the spot can be controlled electronically. The position of the spot is decided by the algorithm based on the camera inputs. (this is a hypothetical example, have your Innovation explained in form of the technical contradiction and its solution in an easy to understand manner)
Describe the procedure or methodology you have adopted to solve problem mentioned above

What’s your innovation?

Here in our problem statement the technical contradiction is when the vehicle driver has to respond but cannot respond fast enough due to human lag in response to a panic situation to avoid accident. We propose a solution using combination of sensors and deep learning based algorithm to detect situation where the vehicle driver is unable to respond fast enough to avoid an accident. The system in this case would automatically apply the brakes as well as steer the vehicle away to safe zone overriding the driver response. The system using sensors like ultrasound, radar and camera captures the environment around vehicle in real time and gives a calculated command to control steering and brakes. This solution thus would prevent all such accidents where the driver is incapable of safe driving due to fatigue, drunk driving or negligence on part of other vehicle/ pedestrian.
(This is hypothetical case you must specify details for your own solution).
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Fuel cells, Bio Hydrogen, Solar, wind etc.
New fuels, Drive train for EV, next gen power electronics, new motors for electric vehicles.
Cost effective Road safety solutions for two, three and four wheelers for e.g. sensor fusion based collision avoidance, anti Tyre burst systems, smart helmets etc.
Design of office on wheels, last mile transport systems, multimodal transport platforms/application.
Smart phone integration with vehicles without compromising travel safety.
Innovative algorithms for safe Over the air updates for vehicle software, Intrusion detection.
Better quality roads using recyclable waste materials.


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To demonstrate the Technical contradiction that we are solving here we will show the working on a windshield made of the LCD, we will be able to demonstrate that the spot is able to prevent the lights from the other side fall on the eye of the driver. (This is a hypothetical example, the Evaluation team expects that all prototypes should be made on real cars and vehicles where some functionality is related to the innovation, the team will be specifying the requirement in your comments section).
Describe your plan to build a prototype for your idea

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