Expert talks on Energy and Mobility

Dr. Satish Ogale
KPIT Sparkle 2020 - Theme detailing
Dr. Ashish Lele
Path Breaking innovations in Fuel cell and Electric Vehicles.
Dr. Ashish Lele
India Specific consideration for Clean Fuel.
Kaustubh Pathak
Innovations in Hydrogen Generation.
Dr. Sarika Kelkar
Energy, Battery Systems, Fuel Cells and Challenges in Adopting these Technologies in India.
Deepesh Gujarathi
Learn more on Fuel Cells and what are the more ways to innovate it.
Samir Kulkarni
Urban transport: Part 1
Samir Kulkarni
Urban transport: Part 2
Uday Mhaskar
Comprehensive talks on Electric Power Train
Shivaji Mane
Insights on Intelligent Transport System
Narendra Kumar SS
Bringing revolution in the field of Automobiles
Asif Saiyed
Innovative solutions for public transport & share mobility

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