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The Key Security Considerations In A Connected Car


The advent of the internet, wireless signalling, technology and software have improved connectivity throughout the world. It is incorporated into various aspects of our lives through different modes. One of the most exciting tools that give a new look to connectivity and mobility is connected car technology. 


Connected car technology is simply the incorporation of technology for connecting your car to the internet. This technology utilises Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) for sharing data from the car as well as from external devices and connections. Connected car technology offers endless possibilities for innovations in the automotive industry.


In order to support autonomous vehicles and connected cars, companies are investing in software and hardware development. For instance, in September 2022, Hyundai Motor Group (HMG/ the Group) expanded its partnership with KT Corporation (KT) to extend its research on connected car technology along with its ongoing work on 6G autonomous driving technology and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) communication network. 


The partnership aims to expand and design hyper-connected cars, which will allow high safety along with connection to passengers’ lifestyles. It also aims to provide free, streamlined and convenient wired and wireless communication to its customers going forward. 


Important Features of Connected Cars

Apart from enhancing the driving experience, connected cars offer a host of vital functions as they can access the internet, apps and various services. 


Connected car technology enhances vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity and communication systems among them. Remote parking and access to entertainment services are some other important features that have attracted many drivers and passengers. 


The security feature is a benefit of this booming technology. It ranges from real-time tracking and sharing of location details, accidental awareness, traffic alerts, and alerts on blockages and road pavements. 


But as these vehicles have the power to access a range of data, highly secure systems are required to avoid data theft, cyber-attacks or any other cybercrimes. 


Security Considerations in a Connected Car

There are always a few risks involved when we think about connective devices. The same applies to connected cars and automotive security. Connected cars are at high risk for security breaches and data leakage.


Hence, the following are a few security aspects considered while designing connected cars.


·        Personal data protection - Secure radar and sensors systems with high security are developed to avoid leakage of any personally identifiable information (PII) such as personal data, travel, entertainment, location and even financial details.

·        Secure supply chain - Automotive manufacturers develop highly secured supply chain processes. This is to avoid cyber thefts while transferring and acquisition of hardware and software components from external sources such as vendors.

·        Security from mobile application malfunctions - As applications in mobile phones can be hacked to get unauthorized access and operate vehicle functions. For security purposes, these apps undergo rigorous testing and trials before the launch.

·        Key management - In case of any automotive malfunction, manual key systems are designed for backup and accessing connected cars during a security breach.



When we look at the bigger picture, connected cars could drastically reduce the number of accidents and fatalities. High-end technologies such as LiDAR, motion sensors, radars and cameras can alert the drivers in advance and avoid any accidents. 


Few companies already have their connected cars on the roads which are performing efficiently and attracting customers. A few of them are KIA Seltos, Nissan Kicks, MG Hector and so on. But with affordable systems, high wireless connectivity, and enhanced travel experience, connected cars will be seen on all highways and roads in large numbers. Connected cars are the future of innovation and the automotive industry!