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Is Quantum Computing Essential for The Autonomous Vehicle Industry?


Quantum computing holds the potential to revolutionize computing. It is changing the core of commuting making it hard to dismiss by the autonomous vehicle industry. Automotive giants are conducting astonishing research activities in this field and developing advanced computer versions in comparison to the ones used today. 


What is Quantum Computing?

Quantum computing is a blanket term used for defining computational technologies involving superconducting quantum processors. Quantum computing deploys laws of quantum theory for performing highly complex processing involving a large number of variables and complex interactions among them. Hence, many datasets can be processed efficiently in a short period of time as compared to traditional or classical computers. 


The Growing Popularity of Quantum Computing 

Quantum computing with emerging AI has changed operating systems and can lead to big leaps in terms of innovation. Many industries are investing in this emerging technology to up their game in their respective fields.


Being flexible, versatile, and efficient, quantum computing has become the way to go forward with complex processes. In finance, this technology can be used to deduce precise simulations and estimations of the market activity and for finance forecasting. 


Examples of Advancing Quantum Computing Strategies

In September 2022, JP Morgan Chase announced its collaboration with Q-NEXT. This collaboration will focus on advancing quantum computing technology and the research associated with it. In addition, it involves designing algorithms specific to finance and for its commercial use in the future. 


For meeting the global industry demands and for advancing quantum computing in India, the International Business Machines (IBM) entered into a partnership with the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, (IIT-Madras). The partnership aims to develop quantum co­mputing skills and research in India.


Expansion of Quantum Computing in the Industrial World

Processing information in binary units and justifying energy and material behaviour on subatomic levels, quantum computing has attracted a vast audience from varied fields. 


There are endless possibilities for incorporating quantum computing in fields such as pharmaceuticals, aviation and automobile industry, logistics, manufacturing, chemical research and so on. Many industry players worldwide have been eyeing this technology. Quantum computing can be a precise solution for mobility and automotive problems as well.


Are There Any Benefits for the Autonomous Vehicle Industry?

·        The role of quantum computing in the automotive industry can be explained by the exponential growth it offers to the industry. Manufacturing cycle, logistics, monitoring battery life in electric vehicles and vehicle traffic management are a few functions where quantum computing can streamline processes and solve complicated issues.


·        Safety is an important aspect offered by the autonomous vehicle industry and quantum computing can guarantee impeccable safety in vehicles.


·        Using various algorithms, vehicles can be designed to maximise fuel efficiency and battery life optimisation. Road optimization by data analysis using quantum computing can reduce traffic congestion and ease the difficulty of a driver’s journey.


·        Quantum computing can play an important role in enhancing the productivity and efficiency of autonomous driving software. This software with trained algorithms can show heightened responses such as crash behaviour, soundproofing and so on.


·        Another important aspect of quantum computing is the improvement in the eco-friendliness of vehicles. Developing vehicles with lightweight materials and enhanced kinetic properties can boost eco-friendliness and minimise the drag effect. 



Though quantum computing is at the nascent stage, its applications have massive implications worldwide. With the rising importance of advanced hardware, software, and computation technologies, quantum computing will play an essential role in revolutionizing the autonomous vehicle industry. Vehicles are being tested and installed with various algorithm programs to benefit the autonomous industry throughout the world.


Though there are many challenges associated with embracing quantum computing, it has gained a lot of investments for developing a future in the world of quantum computing! 


Recent Advances in the world of Quantum Computing

As of October 2021, Toyota Motors entered into a partnership with a company called QunaSys, having expertise in developing quantum computing software. The partnership aims to boost battery performance with the help of quantum computing.


The partnership also aims on using Japan’s first quantum computer and reducing the time taken for the performance of the technique, density-functional theory (DFT).