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Drones - The Future of Delivery


Delivery services are one of the most expensive steps in the distribution cycle. Vehicles and combustion of fuels involved during the delivery process exert negatives such as noise pollution, road blocking, and emission of pollutants. 


Drone delivery offers an alternative solution for providing people with what they need in a faster way. During the pandemic, they had become the peculiar choice for delivery in many regions of the world. 


These unarmed aerial vehicles are a new and exciting way to deliver packages. Drone delivery enables companies to save money by eliminating the need for costly human labour and manual handling. Drone delivery also allows businesses to expand their operations and reach geographically dispersed customers.


Growing Interests in Drone Delivery Operations Worldwide

Drone delivery operations are now being incorporated into the logistics and operation system for streamlining the delivery of products. These include healthcare products, medicines, food items, groceries, and other delivery packages.


As per a recent survey, more than 2000 daily drone deliveries were reported worldwide in the first half of 2022. 


Major companies such as Amazon, Wing, Skyports, and DHL, among others are continuously incorporating technological innovations to scale up their drone delivery systems. Many retail stores have already inculcated drone services in their daily functioning. 


India, for example, announced the making of Beyond-Visual-Line-of-Sight (BVLOS) operations for food, medicine, and grocery delivery. More than 20 industry players including Spicejet and Swiggy have been involved in this operation. The Ministry of Civil Aviation upgraded its drone delivery rules in 2021 and also granted a conditional exemption to these 20 entities for conducting experimental flights.


In addition, continuous investments and partnerships also play a crucial role in pushing the development of drone delivery operations. Walgreen, a pharmacy chain in the US, has developed a partnership with Google’s wing for commercial drone delivery operations.


Technological advancements in areas such as robotics, computer vision, the Internet of Things (IoT), and battery cell density have completely changed the face of logistics and sales and automated the delivery process. 


Numerous factors are responsible for the widespread importance of drone delivery systems. These include sustainable and environment-friendly operations, accuracy, low operational costs, shorter delivery time, and most importantly, customer satisfaction.


Benefits of Using Drone Delivery Operations

1.     Quick and efficient

With the ever-increasing demand for delivery services, drones have become an important tool in helping small businesses reach customers more efficiently. They are more efficient in comparison to traditional methods like trucks and planes. Delivery drones are equipped to deliver packages to customers' homes in a matter of minutes.

2.     Frequency and accessibility 

Due to the high efficiency and speed of delivery operations, it is easier for companies to bear a high load of deliveries. This is also useful for people who don't live near retail outlets or in inaccessible areas, but want fresh food or medicines delivered right to their door. Delivery drones are resistant to weather changes and can deliver packages without getting any hassle

3.     A sustainable approach to delivery operations

Drone delivery operations are environmentally friendly and do not release any pollutants into the environment. In addition, with the omission of the requirement of fuel and low energy consumption, using drones is a cost-effective strategy for delivery operations.


Exciting updates in the drone delivery sector

In September 2022, Matternet, an Unmanned aircraft startup, received Type Certification by the Administration (FAA) for its development of the M2 drone delivery system. It is the first non-military aircraft to receive this certification which allows Matternet to carry out both healthcare and eCommerce drone delivery operations in the U.S. Earlier in June 2022, Matternet also announced its plan to create its first European city-wide drone delivery network in Switzerland.



The use of drone delivery in daily operations is inevitable. In the coming years, multiple industries will leverage drone delivery operations in various business areas like last-minute delivery, surveillance and research too. Companies will undoubtedly stay invested to bring out technological enhancements, and increase operational growth thereby reducing the overall cost of the delivery cycle. Hence, we can say that drones are the shining future of delivery!