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Accomplish More by Doing Less - The Einstein Way


Productivity is not just about getting more things done. It is more about getting things right by doing less. No one would believe that one of the most phenomenal scientists and a philosopher worked along the same principle. He figured out the critical things, devoted his time to his goals, and developed the best ways to embrace his joy at work. And just like that, he was able to accomplish more and unleash his potential.

We are talking about Albert Einstein. Though famous for his theories in the field of science, space and time, there are numerous ways he has changed the world. His ideas and principles have shaped our thinking and the way we function in our lives.


Learning the Einstein way


There is a very interesting instance given in the book of Joseph Murphy’s ‘The power of the subconscious mind’ that gives us a perfect example of accomplishing more by doing less. It’s not the hard work that counts but the smart work that brings out results. A man spends over an hour trying to fix his oven, and after giving up decides to call an electrician to fix it. The man fixes the oven in five minutes and charges $100 dollars. The man bursts out in anger for fixing a $5 dollar nut. To which the electrician replied the charge is not for the nut, but for the knowledge of knowing what to fix, how, and to do it quickly. 


We design our daily lives and working schedules and set unrealistic expectations to achieve a lot in a short time. We plan our 9-to-5 work life, and office meetings, pay attention to fitness, and have a social life as well. We plan to take up multiple degrees, focus on our careers and motivate ourselves to accomplish our long-term objectives in life. But after putting in a lot of effort, it is evident we have taken up a lot on our plates and have less time to accomplish it. We realise we need to optimise our tasks and work smarter towards accomplishing our goals and not harder! 


Accomplishing more and doing less is not a difficult principle to follow. As Einstein states, it involves a basic transformation. Being less distracted and being aligned with your goals definitely helps you get things done in the set time frame. 


Here are a few tips inspired by Einstein’s principle of Accomplishing more by doing less. 


Be at peace and take time for yourself - By focusing on yourself, taking breaks, understanding self-worth, and focusing on personal development will help you be focused and channelled toward your goals. 


Do what makes you happy apart from work - Inculcating hobbies and developing interests play an important role in being productive and achieving more in life. It helps you be happy and helps you get back to work fresh and rejuvenated.


Who we know as an influential physicist, Einstein was also an avid sailor and loved to play the violin. He used to go sailing to relax and think at that time. 


Find your sweet spot and work effortlessly - Working on something that resonates with your life goals is always a combination of creativity, happiness, and engagement. It becomes effortless to work with this attitude and helps you achieve more in less mind. 



Being calm, practising the art of clarity, and owning the skill to function effortlessly are definitely the amalgam you need for achieving more in life. Making the right amount of effort, in the right direction no matter what chaos you witness, you can accomplish more by doing less the Einstein way!