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7 Career Risks Worth Taking


Your career is an important aspect that adds purpose and direction to your life. It is a common notion that everyone, after a certain point, should have a job that helps them realise their career goals. But apart from having goals and getting a job for the same, your career adds a lot of value in many avenues of your life journey - just as your home, health, fitness, or even relationships.

For exploring your career, there is no paved way or route. But with the right skill set and knowledge, you can be well-equipped to carve the desired career journey and excel in it. Career growth fuels your vision and paints the bigger picture in life.


Why take risks in your career?

To move forward in life, consistent work with due diligence is necessary. In certain instances, your career growth can require taking fierce decisions and involve a few risks. These challenges and risks come with a certain level of fear. The fears of not knowing the outcome, self-doubt, and thoughts of failure can stop you from trying too hard to reach your aspirations. 


Narayana Murthy is known as one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world. But before the success of Infosys, he had founded a company known as Softronics. The venture failed and he joined a computer systems company for gaining experience. Narayana Murthy then took a huge risk and started working with other software professionals to set up an IT services company. Today, Infosys is one of the largest Indian IT services companies and the fifth-largest publicly traded company in India.  


It is important to understand the career risks involved and evaluate them to outweigh the potential loss associated with them. Fear and risks taken can work as motivation and help you achieve the greater good in life.


Here are the top 7 risks which are worth taking in life to reach your career goals.


Choosing work culture and job over financial security

Taking up a happy, healthy, and happening work culture can play an important role in your life in the long run. High-paying jobs at times can hurt your work-life balance and lead to stress. Hence, choosing a balanced life, socially professionally, and personally instead of just a fat paycheck is worth the risk.


Asking for more responsibilities

Being hungry for more is never a waste. Asking for more roles and responsibilities can help you flourish in your current role and gain knowledge regarding the same. 


Going solo and following your bliss

It is scary to go solo and achieve everything on your own. But setting your hours, and taking full responsibility while designing goals can help you gain success. Freelancing, part-time work, and contractual positions give you the liberty to work in your comfort zone and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


Learning new things

It is always exciting to learn new things. It is better to take a risk and never lose opportunities to learn new skills and talent. Grabbing certifications, internships, or even a new project can enhance your skillset and set you apart from the crowd. 


A step towards the greater good

Understanding challenges in society and trying to fix them can give you certain bliss in your life. Taking a risk, and following your passion can help you bring a change in society. 


For instance, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw rented a garage and started working to overcome challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies in India in 1978. Through consistent work, she is now known as the founder of Biocon which is recognised as one of the leading Biopharmaceutical companies in India. 


Saying no in certain circumstances

Saying no can bring fear of losing your job or position in certain circumstances. But it is a risk worth taking when your work hampers work-life balance and mental health. Saying no to a promotion and extra responsibilities, if they deviate you from your career goals can prove to be useful in the longer run. 


Sharing your out-of-the-box thinking

Not every risk is associated with taking big steps like switching jobs or working as a full-time volunteer. Sometimes, helping your own company by conveying your thoughts can be associated with risk. 


Explaining your plan and ideas that have the potential to resolve a complexity can help your subordinates in the company business. Though a few ideas may not be incorporated, it portrays your creativity and innovative thinking to your managers and executives. 



To follow your career path and achieve your goals in life, following the thought, “Nothing risked, nothing gained!” always works. Taking risks can help you make big moves in the direction of your career growth. They can become the stepping stones for you and carve your successful future!